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Border Collies

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Working Border Collies



    Border Collies have always played an important role at Trial & Error Acres, especially since the original purpose for having sheep was to train the dogs for sheepdog trials.  However, as time went on and more sheep were acquired, the dogs' importance in flock management became their primary role.  Without the dogs' help, sheep chores would be far more difficult and time consuming.  With the dogs' assistance, managing the flock is quick and efficient.  By utilizing the instinctive talents and abilities of the dogs, any flock management chore becomes far less of a "chore".  I can not imagine managing a large flock of sheep without my dogs.

      After an eleven year hiatus from sheepdog trials, I began competing again with the dogs in November of 2006.  While I still strive to produce top quality Bluefaced Leicester sheep, my primary focus now is to improve my capabilities as a sheepdog trainer and handler.  My dogs are doing well at the trials, and I thoroughly enjoy working with them to achieve success both at home on the farm and on the trial field.  I owe my success to the remarkable talent and ability of my dogs, in addition to the incredible wisdom shared with me by knowledgeable friends.


Partners of the Past


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The "working girls" at T & E Acres


(photo by Pam Gardner)

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The "boys" at T & E Acres


(photo by Barbara Klein)

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The Dogs at Work and Play

Bunks, working the original Barbados sheep with calm, quiet authority


Lark holding the sheep away from the feeder

(photo by Susan Schoenian)


Holding sheep off of the feeders is a tremendous asset to the shepherd,

who prefers to put out feed without the interference from the hungry sheep.


Bunks, being patient with a young, inquisitive lamb


Mist cooling off in the stock tank


Wren sometimes helped by carrying feed buckets.


Wren and Lark taking a break from sheep chores.


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