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Sheepdog Demonstrations

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The Trial & Error Acres Working Sheepdog Demonstration Team

(photo by Nate Pesce)

     My dogs and I have been performing working sheepdog demonstrations for about twenty years, usually with our friend and demo partner, Mark Soper.  Together, we have provided demos for numerous festivals and fairs, including The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, The Anne Arundel Scottish Festival, The Spring and Harvest Festivals at the Montgomery County Historic Farm Park, The Maryland Irish Festival, The Celtic Festival at the Steppingstone Museum, the Baltimore County Family Farm Day, The Frederick Celtic Festival, and several county fairs.   Our demonstrations last approximately 30 minutes, during which time Mark and  I work our dogs throughout a course of assorted obstacles (gates, pens, pylons, chutes, etc.).  During the demonstrations, we showcase the talent and ability of the dogs and use dogs at several different levels of training.  In our announcing, we stress the many ways that a trained sheepdog can be an asset to a livestock producer, and we also share a bit of the history of the breed with the crowd.  At the conclusion of the demos, we are available for questions from the spectators.  The demonstrations are always a big hit, and we have received high praise for our presentations.  We often tell people that it is the dogs that are truly the talented members of the demo team, but they certainly make their human counterparts look good!


Nancy and her good dog Kep ready for a demo


Mark and his good dogs Aggie and Gyp


Lark working the sheep


Nancy and Kep penning the sheep


Nancy and Lark working the Maltese Cross


Mark with Aggie and Gyp working the chute and bridge


Success with the chute!


Mark and Aggie driving the sheep


Rye working the sheep


Lark taking the sheep in a figure eight pattern around the cones


Sheepdog Demos are a "rain or shine" event


Mark and Scot:  "That'll do"

(all photos on this page taken by Teresa Ballard)

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