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Guardian Dogs

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    Livestock Guardian Dogs have an important function at Trial & Error Acres, where they are always on duty to protect the flock from any threat.  Working livestock guardian dogs create incredible peace of mind for the shepherd, and ours are a tremendous asset to the welfare of our flock.  We have utilized the talents of several "big white dogs", a veteran Great Pyrenees and four young Maremmas.   The veteran Pyr served as a mentor to the Maremma pups, and under her tutelage, they have become outstanding livestock guardians.


     These Maremma pups are very endearing, and it is hard to imagine that they will soon be a formidable opponent to any threat to the safety of the flock.  We have found that the best way to help LGD pups become effective guardians is to set up an environment in which they can succeed, and then allow them develop their own instinctive talents and abilities. 


Maremma LGD on duty with her flock

      Livestock Guardian dogs are always vigilant to any potential threat to the flock, and they will position themselves between the threat and the sheep.


      Two of the Livestock Guardian Dogs at the farm taking a break.  The dog on the left is a Maremma, and the dog on the right is a Great Pyrenees. These big dogs are able to slip between the bars of the pipe gates to travel from field to field in order to protect the entire farm.


A happy Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog

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