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     Bluefaced Leicester fleeces are a very desirable and marketable fiber product.  There is a high demand for both purebred Bluefaced Leicester and crossbred Bluefaced Leicester fleeces.  Many shepherds who keep sheep primarily for their fiber use a Bluefaced Leicester ram on their ewes of other breeds to improve the quality of the fleeces on their lambs.  A Bluefaced Leicester ram will impart improved character, length, and fineness to the fleeces of his longwool offspring, and I wholeheartedly recommend that shepherds consider using a Bluefaced Leicester ram on their ewes, if their goal is to produce top quality fleeces. 



The photos above are the Trial & Error Acres entries at the 2012 Bluefaced Leicester National Show.

These  fleeces won in both the White and Natural Colored divisions, and the white fleece was

the overall Champion Fleece at the 2012 Bluefaced Leicester National Show. 



A white BFL fleece and a natural colored BFL-X fleece


Fleeces that have been covered stay incredibly clean.


A disadvantage to using a marking harness on rams at breeding time


Sample of fleece from a 3/4 BFL x 1/4 BL ram lamb


Fleece on a natural colored 3/4 BFL yearling


A natural colored 3/4 BFL yearling in full fleece


The Wool Shed at Trial & Error Acres


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