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A lovely 7/8 Bluefaced Leicester ewe lamb


        At Trial & Error Acres, we no longer produce Bluefaced Leicester Crossbred sheep.  However, in previous years we have produced high-percentage Bluefaced Leicester crossbreds, with the outcrossing breed being Border Leicester.  The crossing of these two long wool breeds creates sheep with very luxurious fleeces.  All crossbreds were sired by Bluefaced Leicester rams, and they showed the BFL influence in type and structure.   The resulting lambs have many fine qualities, especially for anyone interested in their beautiful fleeces.



A prolific 3/4 Bluefaced Leicester ewe with her triplets


An attractive 3/4 Bluefaced Leicester yearling ewe


A classy 1/2 Bluefaced Leicester ewe lamb


A handsome moorit 1/2 Bluefaced Leicester ram lamb


A striking 3/4 Bluefaced Leicester ewe lamb


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