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Adult BFL rams snoozing at Trial & Error Acres


    The rams at Trial & Error Acres spend most of their days loafing in their paddock, probably dreaming about the upcoming breeding season.  The rams live together harmoniously most of the year, until fall, when select rams are used to produce the next year's lamb crop.   After the breeding season, the rams are reintroduced and once again stay together as a "bachelor group".

    Since the first Bluefaced Leicester rams arrived in 1999, Trial & Error Acres has been the home to first generation (F1) sons of  the UK rams Beeston Loyalty, Gwestydd Jamie, Rossiebank Laird, Morlea Ebony Boy, Beeston Titan, Barleas Titus. Carry House V-2, Gigrin Rhayader, and Myfyrian Trueblue 1183.. All of these rams were produced by Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination, using semen from the UK. These rams have consistently produced lambs which have been tremendous improvements over the original domestic BFLs.

     In the fall of 2004, Dr. Rachael Weiss performed Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination on some of the Trial & Error ewes using frozen semen from the UK.  Since the flock already has ewes carrying the bloodlines of the UK rams listed above, semen collected from the UK ram Carry House V-002 was utilized.  The lambs produced from this new line have been the best produced so far at our farm.

     You will find more information about the UK sires listed above on the website for the

Bluefaced Leicester Union of North America (


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